New Course Release
"Handling Aggressive Behaviour"

Handling Aggressive Behaviour is available now.

This Handling Aggressive Behaviour Training course looks at what constitutes as aggression or violence, who is at risk, the law surrounding it at work, and how to effective handle it.

To view this course and find out more please follow the link below.

Handling Aggressive Behaviour

New Course Coming Soon
"Effective Decision Making"

Effective Decision Making is coming soon.

This course has been designed to help the user understand how they can effectively make decisions and how they can improve their decision making and decisiveness.

New Course Coming Soon
"Understanding Your Role in Care"

Understanding Your Role in Care is coming soon.

This course will cover Standard 1 of the Care Certificate and provide you with awareness on your role, behaviours and standards of work that are expected from you in your job role.

New Course Coming Soon
"An Introduction to Leadership"

An Introduction to Leadership is coming soon.

This course will explain what makes a good leader, how certain skills can be developed to help be a good leader, and how these skills can be implemented into real world scenarios.

New Course Coming Soon
"Dementia Awareness"

Dementia Awareness is coming soon.

This course will help you to understand how dementia affects someone’s brain and body, know how to identify and act upon early signs of dementia and know what workplace support is available to those with dementia and their families.

New Course Coming Soon
"Presentation Skills"

Presentation Skills is coming soon this course will give you an understanding of the benefits of a good presentation.

It will also cover What is a Presentation and How to be an Effective Presenter.

Knights Foundation

Online Courses by Mako partners up with charity for children and their families.

We wanted to share some exciting special news.

Online Courses by Mako have now become official patrons of The Knights Foundation, we will be supporting them with their truly magical charity by raising money and awareness that helps families and carers with support and days out for disabled, deprived and seriously ill children, helping them to have a better life for all where possible.

It’s something very close to our hearts and something that we truly believe in and to give something back to the communities.

New Course Release.... Menopause Awareness

This Menopause Awareness Training course has been designed for the use of all employees across any industry sector to gain a better understanding of menopause, what adjustments can be made to support menopausal employees, and how they can offer support.

To find out more please follow the link below.

Menopause Awareness Training


More news updates to follow.

Our Approved Training Partners

We are proud supporters of the RNLI-Lifeboats, saving lives together.

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